Land Rover Seasonal Health Checks at Cawdor Llanybydder

Even Land Rover technology needs a check over once in a while, including a between-services check of vital components. You can do some of these checks yourself, of course. But with our trained technicians and workshop equipment, we can do a much faster, more thorough job for you.

Our seasonal check covers all the components, fluid levels, and consumables that are vital for safety and reliability. Wipers, blades, lights and screen wash for optimum visibility; brakes, tyres, drive shafts and steering for grip and traction; and all those vital levels and visual checks to ensure you can tackle a journey with confidence. We'll also give your vehicle a courtesy wash and vac - and complete these checks whilst you wait, so you can get back on the road without delay.

Contact Cawdor's Land Rover Service Centre in Llanybydder today to book your Land Rover's Seasonal Health Check.