The Ford Ka

Put a little mischief in your life

Small cars don’t have to be boring and neither do you. You know you want to ‘go there,’ so why not let the Ford Ka take you?

The Ka is funky, friendly and fantastic to drive. Sure, we could go on about its Ford kinetic Design philosophy (our fancy way of saying the car has the feeling of motion, even when it’s standing still) or share all of the glowing reviews from the motoring press. But don't take our word for it - get out there and experience the Ka for yourself. Let it take you to those places you’ve always wanted to go.

We’ve also gone and loaded the Ka with innovative technology to help you get to the fun stuff faster. For instance, parking in even the tightest of spaces is a piece of cake with optional rear parking distance sensors that sound an alert when you’re getting close to the kerb. Plus tricky hill starts are a thing of the past with technology that keeps the car still without having to use the handbrake.

It’s all about good design

If the Ford Ka looks like it’s moving, even when it’s standing still, not to worry – it’s just the car’s expressive shape and vivid lines that are grabbing your attention. Frankly, it’s a cheeky interpretation of what we call Ford kinetic Design.

The interior finish reflects the same attitude with a contemporary and funky take on classic modern design. See more of the Ka design below.

Responsive, zippy and ready-for-anything

The Ford Ka is equally adept at nipping around town or heading further afield. Its suspension system ensures a smooth, comfortable ride wherever you go, while the Ka’s array of useful technology provide levels of safety and security that let you leave your worries at the door.

The interior is fashionable and fun to be in. With bold contrasts and expressive colours, you’ll love the way Ka looks and feels. Plus, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and finish, like the pearl white centre console, rarely found in cars of this size.

Safe isn’t boring – especially on the road

The Ford Ka may make you do a lot of things, but we never want it to be anything but safe for you. That’s why, the Ka has a level of safety that will even impress your mum – and mums are notoriously hard to please when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Ford KA+ 360° View

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Model shown is for illustrative purpose only