Electric at Cawdor Vauxhall Electric & Hybrid Explained Here at Cawdor Vauxhall, we work hard to provide only the very best automotive solutions for our customers. This includes the latest electric and hybrid vehicles available from the Vauxhall lineup. Find out more today.

Our Electric Vehicles

Vauxhall is renowned for developing quality vehicles that offer the very best in performance and reliability. It also now provides a range of electric and hybrid models that provide incredible efficiency and low emissions motoring. Learn more today.

Our Electric Vans

Electric and hybrid performance aren’t reserved just for passenger cars, with the latest vans and commercial vehicles from Vauxhall also available with suitable options. Low emissions and improved economy make the range hugely desirable for fleet managers. 

The Benefits of Buying Electric

Switching over to electric power enables you to take advantage of a number of benefits. For instance, there’s the knowledge and peace of mind that comes from knowing your impact on the environment around you is lessened thanks to fewer CO2 emissions. What’s more, you can benefit from improved running costs, with electric vehicles operating at a fraction of the price of petrol and diesel alternatives. And, with fewer moving engine components, maintenance costs are more affordable than ever before too. 

Key Benefits Include:

  • Cleaner
  • Instant torque
  • Improved running costs
  • Better maintenance fees
  • Exemption from road tax and congestion charges

Types of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Explained

Making the right decision over the perfect electric or hybrid vehicle is key to investing in a suitable option. As such, we’re delighted to provide you with details on the various types available. 

    Plug-In Hybrid As the name suggests, plug-in hybrids require charging via a suitable outlet either at home or in public. The high capacity battery is able to complement the traditional engine and can even run in fully electric mode for a limited duration.
    Electric All-electric vehicles are those that use nothing by battery power to run, obtaining their charge from a suitable domestic or public charging station. They emit zero CO2 into the atmosphere and offer exceptional running costs as standard.

    Electric Vehicle FAQs

    You can learn more about the electric vehicles from Cawdor Vauxhall by liaising with a member of our team or by viewing our frequently asked questions below. 

    Are electric cars better for the environment?

    ​Most definitely. Unlike a regular car (or even a hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle), electric cars produce zero CO2 and NOx emissions, thereby helping to keep air cleaner and reduce the impact on climate change.

    Where can I charge my electric car?

    Your vehicle can be charged at home using a three-pin plug or wall box; at work; or via one of thousands of public connectors located around the UK.

    How long does it take to charge an electric car?

    It depends on the car, the battery size and the charging method. Average charging times (0-100%) for the Vauxhall Corsa Electric take:

    • 16.7 hours – at home, using a three-pin (3 kW) power supply
    • 7.1 hours – at home, using a dedicated fast-charging (7 kW) wallbox
    • 1 hour – when using a fast-charging (50 kW) public access point

    How many miles can an electric car go?

    ​The electric range varies from car to car, and is dependent on the size of the battery – as well as on other factors such as the outside temperature. The Corsa Electric is capable of up to 222 miles, while the Mokka Electric delivers a maximum 209-mile range.

    Other Electric Services Got a question or need help with an electric vehicle? Get in touch with a member of the team at Cawdor Vauxhall today to discuss the electric vehicles we have available and for advice on making the switch from petrol or diesel power. We look forward to hearing from you soon.