Vivaro Life Electric

New Vauxhall Vivaro Life Electric

Offering superb comfort for all those travelling, the Vivaro Life Electric is the e-volution of lounge on wheels.

Enjoy the comforts of the big family car

The Vivaro Life Electric comes with a host of features to make you and your passengers enjoy the journey as much as the destination, such as it's various searting options, twin sliding doors and panoramic sunroof.


Style with practicality

Smooth, sculpted lines. Chrome-detail headlights. The Vivaro Life Electric makes practicality stylish.

With easy access through sliding side-doors, it’s a true family-friendly car. You can even choose between two sizes: medium and large.


Your lounge on wheels

The whole family will get more out of Vivaro Life Electric’s flexible passenger area and handy storage spaces.

Able to carry up to 9 people, the car’s ergonomic seating is as snug as your lounge seats at home.

For a touch more luxury, check out our leather trim options.


Stay comfy, every journey

Easily adjustable seats. Heated front seats for cold days. Seats that relax you with a massage.

Various seating configurations. Including second-row seats you can swivel round, for face-to-face travel. 

Comfort with flexibility awaits you. Just choose which configuration suits. 


Wheels that turn heads

Eye-catching wheels come as standard with each Vivaro Life Electric model:

Life Combi: 16-inch steel wheels with small-cover wheel trims
Life Elite: 17-inch bi-colour ‘diamond-cut’ alloy wheels

Keyless entry and start

No more fumbling for keys

Hands full? In a hurry? Keys at the bottom of your bag?

Now you can just get in and press a start/stop button.

The keyless entry and start system is primed as you approach the car. So no more searching for keys.

Climate control

Fine-tune your comfort

People’s ideal temperature varies. So Vivaro Life Electric offers optional dual-zone climate control – putting driver and passenger in charge of their own comfort.

The advanced thermal system, unique to Vivaro Life Electric Elite, delivers heat super-fast.

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